Hello, Friends!

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to view my work and get to know me!
I am Taylor Tanner, the face behind the camera here at Taylor Tanner Photography.
I am a lover of Jesus, my family and friends, travel, and adventure!

In August I celebrated four years of marriage to my wonderful husband, Zachary. 
Together we have two handsome boys, Noah and Thomas. 

When I am not either behind the camera capturing memories or behind my computer screen editing, uploading and emailing, you can find me at home or on an adventure with Noah and Thomas.
I am so blessed to get to stay home and watch them grow and learn new things each day.

Aside from tending to our family and home, you can find me at the beach, strolling the aisles of Target, sobbing over This is Us, or sipping a Chai Latte at Starbucks. 

There's a saying that goes, "do what you love; love what you do," and that's what this little business of mine is all about. 
I love what I do - I love capturing the moments and people that are important to you;
the love, joy and purpose that fills your soul;
the laughter, the words, the smiles that escape from your lips only to be frozen in a beautiful photograph to last forever.

As your photographer, it is my goal for you to love what I do.

I want you to love and cherish the memories we capture together. 
In order to do that, I want to get to know you -
I want to know what it is that brings you joy;

the words you want to remember being said to you by someone you love;
the sweet little baby fingers, toes and nose;
the way you feel enveloped in their arms;
the song you sing to soothe your newborn's cries;
the giggles that come bubbling out as you tickle your children;
the determination and excitement as you enter a new phase of life.


All of these things need to be captured, need to be remembered, because they matter to you.
As your photographer, I promise to learn and capture what matters to you to be remembered forever.

Memories are beautiful and important. Let's capture yours together.


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