Do you offer mini sessions? 

Yes! Mini sessions are 15 minutes sessions offered periodically throughout the year. For the year 2021, I will be offering Christmas Mini Sessions in both Hampton, Virginia & Fayetteville, North Carolina 


What should I wear? 

I always recommend going for a natural vibe. Go with tones that will not take away from the memories we are capturing. Go with clothing you are comfortable in, that makes you feel like YOU! I have a style board on Pinterest with outfit inspiration. Social Media Links are at the bottom of my website. 


What is the best time to take pictures? 

Once you fill out a contact form, we’ll discuss optional dates and times for your session. I truly believe there is no best time of the day for a photo session - different times of the day bring different lighting opportunities - all of which are beautiful. 


What if my children do not cooperate?  

We all have bad days - I totally get it! As your photographer, I promise to show your children grace and kindness during your session and do my best to capture your children at their best!

Pre-session Tips:

  • Do not skip their nap(s)!

  • Ensure everyone has full tummies and empty bladders/fresh diapers.

  • Pack a favorite toy/blankie/stuffed animal for comfort.

  • Pack some snacks and water!

  • Show your excitement and encouragement throughout your session. 

Photo sessions are a great opportunity for memory making and quality family time! 

Do not stress over it, and come prepared to have FUN!

Be ready for the tickles, splashing, silly dance moves and snuggles!


Can you crop/edit out this part of my body?

Insecurities. We all have ‘em. It’s part of life. As a lifestyle photographer, my goal is to capture the beauty within the day-to-day moments. To capture the beauty in the things that are often overlooked or unappreciated. So, no - sorry; but I do not crop or edit body parts!